The Five

May 25th, 2024

I just finished reading Kevin Kelly’s book excellent advice for living in almost one sitting. The book is filled with over 400 short maxims and advice on life.

Kevin was the person who originally inspired me to write my own principles for life list. My list contains 30 principles which I think all have genuine value.

However, after reading Kevin’s book I feel inspired to try simplify that list into 5 core values.

So here’s my five,

  1. Eat your vegetables
  2. Follow your heart
  3. Learn to wait
  4. Always be learning
  5. Trust

On a side note, I’ve really been enjoying writing. The medium itself is so simple and it’s a great way for me to find clarity by piecing my thoughts together.

I also submitted an artwork I created to The Memes collection by 6529 this morning. I hope I get a reply from the team.