Internet Kid - The Album

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INTERNET KID is an entirely open-source album created by TEJI.

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Track List

  1. Adventure Quest
  2. Bitrot
  3. Cloud Surfing
  4. Data Leak
  5. Frostwire
  6. Snowcrash
  7. Ethereum
  8. Playstation
  9. Virtual Reality

About The Album

Internet Kid is me teaching myself how to produce music. Until now I've never known how to produce my own songs. Starting out I had no idea what I was doing inside FL Studio. Until thankfully my brother gave me a hands on tutorial to figure out the basics.

All the songs on the album were made in a span of my first 2 weeks using FL Studio. I was obbsessed. Finally being able to bring the sounds I wanted to hear to life felt like magic. The album itself took huge inspiration from my experiances on the interent as a kid growing up in the early 2000s.


INTERNET KID is CC0 which means the entire album is in the public domain. You are permitted to use the songs in anyway you would like. My reasoning for open-sourcing my work is because there is no way I could create what I create without the help of thousands of creators online who share free resources and tutorials with the world. Internet Kid is a thank you note to the internet, so it's only right if I give back to the community that formed me into who I am today.


I encourage you to repurpose and remix the songs and share your creations with the world. If you'd like to learn more about my thoughts on remix culture check out this article.


Download stems and other assets here.

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