Just Ask

Written by Jet Williams on May 24th, 2024

You’ll never know unless you just ask. It’s scary opening yourself up to failure but it’s the only way. 

This applies to anything in life that you want. Whether that’s a relationship or business opportunity - 90% of the time it’s going to require you to take initiative to act on your wishes. 

There’s a great clip of Steve Jobs somewhere on the internet explaining that “most people don’t get those experiences because they never ask”.

In the same clip Jobs goes on to explain that “he’s never found anybody that didn’t want to help me if I asked them for help” 

Which is so true. I’ve also never not found someone willing to help out and while sometimes you get rejected in the process, there’s always at least a few people who are willing to help. 

Trying to start a podcast and need guests to come on your show? Just ask.

Trying to land new clients for your new digital marketing agency? Just ask. 

You want to hitchhike across America out of the kindness of strangers hearts? Just ask. 

You’re trying to trade a sticker at a sneaker convention for a YouTube video you’re trying to film? Just ask. 

If you couldn’t already tell all of the above come from a small set of personal experiences in my life. These little moments have confirmed to me that accepting rejection in life is one of the most powerful things you can do. The moment you realise the worse that can happen is that someone says no, is the moment you allow yourself to shamelessly pursue the things you want out of life. 

Just ask.